Dave Trovato

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Dave Trovato started his very successful career as an award-winning actor appearing in hundreds of commercials for high profile brands such as Miller Genuine Draft, Campbell Soup, Grape Nuts and Sudafed. Acting in commercials (as well as TV shows and an Emmy Award winning movie,) Dave developed a passion for film and production. Being around cameras and sets was second nature to him, and he learned what it took to produce effective communications.

He started AVC because he knew he could bring that same high level of production without the exorbitant overhead that’s so common in the advertising world.

Dave has been growing this business since 1998. AVC Productions is a now a multi million dollar company servicing clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Vince Trovato

Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder

While Dave was starting AVC, Vince was attending the prestigious Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, PA—honing his skills that would later become a key aspect of AVC Media Group.

Vince quickly carved his own space in AVC bringing in his expertise and creative passion. When a new client comes on board, he dives into their brand and their industry keeping a keen eye on creative, media and the competition.

Vince is a three time Telly Award Winner who provides strong creative leadership in everything from Broadcast to Print and Digital.